plan.aero is a revolutionary system that globally changes the face of general aviation planning.

plan.aero simplifies the pilot experience by incorporating aircraft booking, flight announcement, service requests, and online payment into one data stream. Update your flight status and everything else follows. plan.aero will track your flights in an online logbook with state-of-the-art reporting software. Because all transactions are made online (via our secured interface), plan.aero eliminates the need to carry cash.

plan.aero assists flying clubs with fleet management, members, invoicing, reporting & online payments. Less administration means more ability to focus on member training and fleet management.

For Pilots

  • Register for free
  • Reserve an aircraft online
  • Announce your flights to both departure and arrival airports
  • Keep logbook up to date
  • Get instant notifications
  • Make secure payments online

For Flying Clubs

  • Register for free
  • Manage fleets online
  • Manage members online
  • Track usage
  • Get instant notifications
  • Generate automatic scheduled reporting
  • Send invoices online
  • Request secure payments online

For Aerodromes

  • Early incoming & outgoing VFR flight notifications
  • Near real time VFR flights management
  • Track infrastructure usage
  • Instantly publish changes (runway in use, AFIS, fuel price, taxes, etc)
  • Incoming and outgoing pilots can request services before departure (Fuel, Parking, etc)
  • Request/receive secure online payments for all available services
  • Advanced online reporting tool

For Aircraft Maintenance Companies

  • Receive maintenance requests from aircraft owners and flying clubs
  • Send quotes to customers
  • Instantly announce or edit maintenance status
  • Targeted & tailored marketing
  • Online invoicing
  • Request & receive secure online payments